Door Repair
& Door Renovation

Old doors are very fussy...

…they get lopsided, they swell in humid weather, they leak air in and out, they don’t fit in the original hole correctly, they have bad paint jobs, their hardware is painted over – tarnished – broken etc. – but they serve important purposes.
So what do you do?

Door Repair

You can buy a replacement door, you can develop Stockholm Syndrome and just live with it…or….

We can MAKE IT WORK. Over 50-75-100 years, with repeated use. Lot’s of teenagers slamming, kicking it shut with groceries in hand, dog scratching it, that bad painter your neighbor recommended, bad weather and on and on, it is way past time for help!

We can: square it up in it’s frame, repaint it, fix the hardware, replace broken glass, close gaps, install weatherstripping, fix broken parts and so forth – we do it RIGHT, so it lasts, and so your door is the prominent feature it was meant to be!

Door Renovation

We also fix interior doors, and love them just as much!

Importantly, most old homes are missing their original storm/screen doors! These were meant for protection from the elements, ventilation and were design features. Check the basement and attic, might be there, if not, we can build a new one to match, no matter what! (even round top doors!)

For “the works”, check out our “Door Spa” service!