Paint by the Numbers

We LOVE painters, we REALLY love bad painters. Especially the ones who slop paint on hardware, clogs up the jambs, paint the glaze lines like they were about halfway into a 12 pack while doing so, and much much more. Bad painters, lazy painters etc, they are the primary source of our business, and your headaches! There are plenty of good ones out there.

That is why we care enough to stand by our work and see it through to the final painting. During the renovation process, we rid the windows (and surrounds) of the excess paint built up over the last 80-100 years, apply quality primer, and make sure all working parts move as they should. Preparation is the key to a quality application of paint.

Only after any glazing has cured are we able to paint the sash, removing the hardware of course, and making sure the paint laps properly onto each pane of glass to keep water from going behind the glazing. We move the sash frequently during painting, to make sure there is no sticking, and that we get behind to the “hidden” parts that are exposed when the windows are open.

Our biggest compliment will not come for a long long time, when the next renovator (we hope to be retired 😉 ) says: “that crew did great work, makes my job easier”.

Neat paint lines make all the difference when looking at them from the inside, that takes a steady hand, which means no beer for us (on the job).

If it is not done right, it won’t last, and since windows are the “eyes of the house”, they need to look great!

We don’t want to be the people that get cussed at in 10 years for a bad job! And we want the windows, and our customers, to be HAPPY.