The Door Spa

It’s not hard to notice a beat up door, or a door that “ain’t quite right in the head” so to speak, but have you looked at the rest of the situation?

Does the key for your original lock exist?
If so, does it work elsewhere in the house?
Does the lock work?
Can you identify your weather-stripping?
Can you count the coats of paint without taking your shoes off?Is the strike plate area looking like a meteor or two have hit it?Do you loathe using the door?
Cover it up on holidays to hide it from friends and relatives? Have you given up on it?

Here is our answer! Check your door into our “Door Spa”! 

What happens at the “Door Spa”?

No aromatherapy, no candles, no Yanni from hidden speakers, – but – your door gets pampered like it deserves…

  • A soothing body scrub, with sandpaper (wood door)
  • Relaxing pore cleansing treatment, with wood filler (wood door & frame)
  • Mani-Pedi, with Palmolive and brasso (hardware & hinges)