Happy Windows Everywhere!

A window is kind of like our mascot Spaniels, Bowman and Henry. All a window needs to be happy is to make its owner happy. A happy owner has windows that are neat and crisp in appearance, go up and down smoothly and keep the cold in or out, depending on the season. If windows had tails, they would be wagging hard after we get finished!

Some owners love their “Heinz 57” dogs, and some want theirs AKC registered, the good news is that we can accomodate everyone in terms of the finished product (our Good, Better, Best service models)!

Salem Heritage Windows

How do we make windows happy?

Having great team members who focus on quality and taking care of our customers.

window repair - salem heritage windows

Your Windows were Born to be Outstanding.

Your windows (and shutters and doors) have quality attributes that simply cannot be replicated. Old growth pine with tight grain is hard or impossible to find. We unlock the beauty and functionality, helping keep the landfill waste down, and keep your home looking the way the architect intended it to.
  • Shutters are straightened and neatened
  • Screen doors no longer sag, and they shut properly
  • Storm windows are modern, but don’t detract from the looks of your home (ideally, they are hard to notice)
  • Windows, a focal point of many architects, stand out as assets, not as something to try to ignore

Window Renovation

Door Repair & Installation

Shutter Repair & Installation

* Based on our experience and our pricing model, these represent rough averages. Factors that can change the pricing up or down include: accessibility, the number of individual panes of glass, the number of layers of paint, the overall condition of the windows and the desired level of condition of the windows when we are done

Where We Work

Piedmont Region – Wilkesboro to Burlington, Mount Airy to Salisbury

We are happy to work outside of our core area upon request.

Coming Soon – Charlotte, Raleigh, DC/Alexandria