We consider it our mission to make the windows and shutters and doors of your home happy again!

In order to do this, we unlock the hidden beauty and functionality that they were designed to have, by carefully renovating them to your standards.

Window Renovation

On one hand, your windows are complicated, on the other they are fairly basic. They have high-quality old growth wood as a starter, and generally that wood needs to be refreshed in terms of its outer coatings, and then the various moving pieces of the window and it’s surround need to be cleaned up and in some cases replaced, and they will work as they are intended and look great.

Once we are finished with any structural work needed, our expert painters protect your windows with carefully applied paint, ensuring that your investment not only looks great, but does not suffer the consequences of a sloppy paint job.

Door Renovation & Fabrication

With older houses, foundations can settle, renovations can cause movement of walls, and overtime wood can warp and shift. Doors often need adjusting, and in some cases minor or major surgery, and most always some cosmetic enhancement to look and perform the way they were intended to.

Shutter Renovation & Fabrication

Your shutters get exposed to very harsh elements. They do not have protection from any angle. While originally functional, they often are a beautiful textural enhancement to your facade. They are tough to work on as you might imagine, with one shutter having 20 to 40 individual pieces. It takes a lot of care to properly prepare them for painting, and also to make them square again. if this is done in the right way, with caps installed on the top, and a thorough paint job, they will last a long time.